A Wedding Beneath a Banyan Tree: A Rich Tapestry of Family History


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Release date 10-2020
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922454041
ISBN10 1922454044

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A rich tapestry of family history woven into the history of pre-independence India. Ganga Kumar Powell navigates the by-ways and highways of her unconventional family story and the turbulent times, deftly joining the dots. Theosophy, with its subversive message of universal brotherhood, is a part of this story and the life of her family. Explorations into the political and social history of the times give the book depth alongside the colour, charm and intimacy of personal connections. Written with warmth and a light touch, this engaging account will appeal to readers from the subcontinent as well as Indophiles, armchair historians and genealogy buffs.

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Ganga Kumar Powell