Scholarly Editing & Publishing Services

Scholarly Editing & Publishing Services is a division of Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd, a leading publisher of scholarly books for over 25 years.

The services we offer are comprehensive, and include:
•    professional copy-editing & file preparation for print or electronic publication
•    substantive editing & plain English drafting
•    indexing
•    visualisation of information: diagrams, tables, flowcharts
•    graphic design-work
•    typesetting & page-layout
•    the production and printing of books, monographs, reports & journals
•    the distribution of publications to booksellers, libraries & interest groups
•    advice about forms of publication and the publishing industry in Australia and abroad.

Our charges reflect our strong and clear commitment to the advancement of scholarly publishing in Australia, and are always reasonable.

We do not charge for the evaluation of a task, and we quote quickly and dependably upon its undertaking and completion.

First contact, by email or phone, Helen Latemore, services administrator. / 03 9329 6963