About Us

Australian Scholarly Publishing (ASP) is a leading independent publisher of scholarly & general books. Established in 1991, it releases 80 books a year under its Australian Scholarly & International Scholarly (academic), Arcadia & Arden (general & art books), Tantanoola (fiction) and Chancery Bold (law) imprints. Almost all of its titles are in printed form; a growing number are also e-books.

ASP was established in 1991 to show that scholarly publishing can be cultivated in Australia. The general view then, and now, is that such publishing is impossible without heavy institutional funding. The press began slowly, ignored the recession of the 1990s, promoted itself modestly over a dozen years by writing a monthly book column for The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement, innovated by making effective use of emerging digital printing technologies, and steadily built its list and place in the book trade. The publication of some general books and the provision of publishing services to cultural and academic institutions have helped it do so.

Australian Scholarly Publishing has a sales & distribution arm, Australian Book Marketing, which represents Australian Scholarly and overseas publishers to the Australian book trade, special interest groups, schools and libraries

If you wish to submit a proposal for a book, please ring or email Nick Walker to discuss the proposal, or post a synopsis and sample chapters, or the entire manuscript of the work, to our postal address. Be sure to include your telephone number or email address and a stamped self-addressed envelope.