The Information Battlefield: Representing Australians at War


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Release date 2011-11-15
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875199

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Ever since CEW Bean reported from Gallipoli, the Australian public’s experience of war has been shaped as much by a shifting complex of power relations between the government, the military and the media as it has by events on the battlefield. Variously in pursuit of political advantage, remembrance, celebration, or a good yarn, the parties have presented sharply contrasting versions of differing conflicts. With contributions from senior military figures past and present, journalists, academics and others, this book examines how the competing agendas of the government, the military and the media have shaped and will continue to influence the coverage of Australians at war. Exploring key developments in information operations, reviewing the history of government-military-media relations, The Information Battlefield offers a penetrating and authoritative analysis of the institutional, professional and cultural forces shaping the wars that have shaped the nation. 

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Kevin Foster


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