Plunkett's Legacy


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Release date 2009-05-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921509032
ISBN10 1921509031

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For over twenty eventful years the Attorney-General John Hubert Plunkett was a keystone in the administration of New South Wales, applying himself with vigour. This book considers his life and times, but goes further, searching his Irish past for explanations as to why he was such a distinctive lawyer. As a young man Plunkett was himself disenfranchised by statute owing to his Catholicism, and took an active part in the Irish campaign for Catholic Emancipation under Daniel O'Connell. The success of that campaign led directly to his being appointed to a government position in the colony, where he continued to strive for civil equality regardless of race or creed on issues which are still relevant to Australia today.

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Tony Earls


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