Shark City


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Release date 2012-08-31
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875359

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A bullet-paced thriller set in Sydney and Bangkok, London and Glasgow, vividly captures the risks of working within the wilderness of mirrors that is covert operations. Returning to Sydney, his birth city, Ross Durman, a specialist contractor, believes he is again working for The Unit, the government agency from which he was expelled. His contact, a former comrade, Anton Van Dieman, reinforces the belief while outlining Durman's mission: to rescue the iconic ironman, Iain Big Ig Graeme, found guilty of drug smuggling and now on death row in Bangkok. As Durman makes his plans, he meets others from his past including a former lover Syl, now married to Jerry Telfer, up, or possibly down, from car salesman to PR. Among Telfer's A-list connections are the Princess Celia Von Kronberg, whose title is dubious but whose brothel is palatial; new-money tycoon Merv Vesmar who owns the newspaper AllDay; and Horrie Li, Hong Kong packaging expert – and more – whose contracts include the Vesmar magazine Stud's Eye of which Big Ig had a copy when arrested.

‘A successful thriller, it is clearly written, its plot with its many twists is gripping, the dialogue is taut, the characters are sharply and imply drawn, its theme is contemporary … ’  – Peter Coleman

Vividly captures the shady interface of the secret state, the media,  pornography, drugs and money.’ – Michael Wilding

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James Murray


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