Searching for The Man from Snowy River


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Release date 2013-01-15
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875571

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The Man from Snowy River appeared in Patersons first book of verse. It was an immediate success and has remained popular ever since. But Did Paterson have anyone in mind when he crafted the Australian classic was there really a Man from Snowy River? Searching for The Man from Snowy River investigates all candidates for The Man, looking at the evidence the poem, the location, and other clear criteria and yields only one possible figure.

So, who was The Man from Snowy River?

'Refshauge argues persuasively, if with qualification, that “the ride, if indeed Paterson was aware of it, should have attracted his attention”. As is possible. Refshauge has sifted his evidence with such thoroughness and good humour that no dogmatic or definitive conclusion was to be expected. What we have, instead, is a spirited, inquisitive contribution to Australia's cultural and social history, scholarship from outside the academy of a high order.' — Peter Pierce, The Weekend Australian

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W.F. Refshauge


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