He of the Never-Never: Mr Aeneas Gunn


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Release date 10-2023
Format Hardback
Pages 260
ISBN 9781922952622
ISBN10 1922952621
Width (mm) 152
Length (mm) 229

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Aeneas Gunn achieved posthumous fame in 1908 as the Maluka, following the publication of Jeannie (Mrs Aeneas) Gunn’s acclaimed novel, We of the Never-Never. The story of Aeneas James Gunn prior to and including his year managing a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory can now be told, thanks to the discovery of a large cache of his letters. Gunn’s voice enriches the narrative with deeply personal, perceptive and often humorous glimpses into life in Australia during the last decades of colonisation. A proud and capable literary man, Gunn found his vulnerabilities exposed in unusual circumstances. His Anglocentric views would, in time, be tempered by the woman he loved and admired.


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John Bradshaw

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