Fact and Fiction


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Release date 10-2023
Format Paperback
Pages 380
ISBN 9781923068254
ISBN10 1923068253
Width (mm) 152
Length (mm) 229

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What are said to be the facts of a matter can be affected by pieces of fiction, as in testimony flawed by an imperfect memory or tales prompted by self-interest.

Alert to the ins and outs of the trial process, Nicholas Hasluck, a former judge and accomplished novelist, has drawn upon his personal diaries to explore the relationship between law and literature, as he did in his earlier work about judicial life, Bench and Book.

Judging isn’t just about finding facts and applying law. It involves getting to grips with individual stories and dilemmas. A mind alert to the complexities of human nature won’t accept too easily what is simply alleged or said to be true. At its best, law is truth in action, a story showing what actually happened and what should be done.


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Nicholas Hasluck

Nicholas Hasluck practised law in Perth for many years while turning his hand to literary works in various genres. His novel The Bellarmine Jug won The Age Book of the Year Award and he has been twice short-listed for the Miles Franklin Prize. He has served as Chair of the Literature Board of the Australia Council and of the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

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