Find Me My Enemies & Cover Story


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Release date 12-2022
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922952035
ISBN10 1922952036

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In one bumper volume, two new Plant novels!


Find Me My Enemies

Is James Slater really a target of a security service operation against old radicals, or is he just paranoid? Or both? Is his performance artist partner part of the plot? Or his Valley of the Weed girlfriend?


Cover Story

‘Someone’s trying to burn me down,’ Paige Turner publisher tells Plant. Or are they just setting fire to a stack of Illiberal Liberals? And how do Turner’s regular trips to India, Asia and the Middle East fit in, if at all?

Keep Plant coming.’ David Williamson

The Plant novels … are hybrids of satire and crime fiction, too funny to be called bleak, but concealing a complex seriousness of purpose.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Age

Plant grows on you.’ Stephen Knight

A protagonist who surely will be back.’  Emma Young, Sydney Morning Herald

Plant investigates not the petty individual crimes like kidnapping, murder or extortion, but the big picture – the intellectual and political follies of the age … the unstable underpinning of modern industrialized society is laid bare. And made hilariously funny.’ Peter Corris

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Michael Wilding

‘A career that is remarkable for how prolific and innovative it has been in so many areas, whether Wilding was working as a short story writer, novelist, critic, editor, commentator, anthologist, or publisher. Few Australian writers have successfully ventured so much and for so long. Moreover, a surprising coherence exists among this variety. Wilding’s work is driven by his political radicalism, which seems as much to do with a probing, sometimes acrid, intelligence, as sentiment.’ – Peter Pierce, Dictionary of Literary Biography

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