A Prescription for Action: The Life of Dr Janet Irwin


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Release date 2016-10-20
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925333831
ISBN10 1925333833

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Janet Irwin is warmly remembered as a fearless activist on issues of health and social justice. At a time when Australian states are carrying out ‘groundbreaking’ trials of medical marijuana, this biography tells the story of a woman doctor who more than 20 years ago proposed that aged pensioners should be able to grow marijuana, both for their own use and to sell to the government to supplement their pension. Likewise, when Australian universities are carrying out a ‘groundbreaking’ comprehensive survey of sexual harassment, it details how that same woman was a pioneer in arranging surveys of sexual harassment at universities, and naming it as a workplace health and safety issue.

Just as Janet’s life was a prescription for action, this biography is a prescription for action by its readers.

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Susan Currie


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