Women in Boots: Football and Feminism in the 1970s


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Release date 03-2020
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ISBN 9781925984712
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Who could imagine that finding a suitable pair of football boots would prove almost impossible for women and girls in the 1970s?

The focus of the women’s liberation movement was fought in the streets, in universities, in workplaces and in the home. We add the football field to these sites of protest and empowerment for individual women. We follow the Australian and New Zealand national players – schoolgirls, factory workers, university graduates and professionals – as they navigate the male-dominated world of football. This book never shies away from the uncomfortable aspects of their journeys, uncovering stories of vulnerability and strength, sexual harassment as well as sexual awakening, personal vilification as well as celebration, giving voice to a silencing in sport.

Written by historian Dr Marion Stell, in collaboration with football identity Heather Reid AM, this enlivened account is told with honesty, pain and humour.

A place of protest and empowerment: Women in Boots and the story of the 79ers

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