Walking With Time


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Release date 2013-12-20
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003307
ISBN10 1925003302

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This collection shows Nicholas Lyon Gresson at full power. Walking With Time brings together a range of new works with searching discernment of people, place and time. Gresson draws the reader into a world of everyday moments with a sense of joy and irony, at times playful wit, and taunting powers of observation. Nonsense and the abyss are brought into light as his words ensnare the reader with the object of his focus. This is Gresson’s second book of poetry following A Life In Poetry, 2011.


My neighbour Nick Gresson is a seriously committed poet, alert to the world and the word and how they intersect – how the phrase can have a life beyond its source in reality, and how the reality can transmogrify into something it was not. This is perhaps the basis of his – and all – art.  

C. K. Stead ONZ CBE New Zealand’s foremost writer and literary critic


An artful chronicle, a beautifully mingled realm of experience, observance, and recollection.

Geraldine Katz, creative arts educator, Melbourne


Nick Gresson’s life is accented by an acute curiosity and a sense of the urgency of each moment as if the inquisitiveness of childhood and the daring of adolescence have never left him. His refined and elegant poetry touches both the profound and modest dimensions of life.  

Godwin Bradbeer, artist, Melbourne

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Nicholas Lyon Gresson


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