Tuscan Places: Antipodeans Seeking More than Michelangelo


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Release date 2016-10-20
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925333961
ISBN10 1925333965

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What do Antipodeans seek in Tuscany and what do they find? Germaine Greer went from rapture to rejection, Robert Hughes from rapture to Time, David Malouf from disappointment to appreciation and New Zealand troops from Chianti to Florence, which they helped liberate in World War II. The responses have been richly varied during the 150 years Tuscany has been a magnet and a benchmark. Antipodeans have found welcome echoes and unexpected resonances but this is the first time their story has been told with such flair and nuance.

with contributions by David Malouf, Vincent O’Sullivan & Alan Moorehead

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Desmond O'Grady


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