The Sabre & the Shawl: A Romance


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Release date 2013-12-20
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003345
ISBN10 1925003345

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Following the tragic death of his wife, Pierre Brun, a Parisian historical novelist, has not published a book. Pierre discovers a journal written by an ancestor in 1805–07. Pierre is drawn into a strange, mysterious story of a passionate love. Miraculously, it seems he has found the subject for a new novel. But as the narrative oscillates between modern-day Paris and Napoleonic France, like the pendulum of his ancestor’s Sèvres clock, his investigation impels him beyond the journal’s factual story.

‘…an extraordinary Australian writer…a fine stylist.’  The Bulletin

‘…a masterful writer when it comes to place and cultural sensibility…’ Brisbane News

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Marshall Browne


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