Standing in the Shadow


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Release date 2013-07-10
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875328

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'My hands tremble as I close the faded, dog-eared manuscript inside the battered manila folder. Every instinct tells me that here at last is the big one.' But all is not as it seems in the half-tonal worlds of the literary agent in The Illusionist, the Vietnam draft dodger in Conscription, or the wrestler in Tag-team

Standing in the Shadow explores the sexual underside of life in Sydney.

'These long stories have an effortless readability … they show a bracing command of the range of human feeling, an alert sympathy to the kinship, under the skin, of every form of erotic itch and a fictional virtuosity in the range of sympathies evoked. The prose is expert, the dialogue is 'overheard' and there is, almost incidentally, a superb command of the nuances and differences of history in this record of human desire …' — Peter Craven

Peter Corris is the author of over sixty works of fiction, including thirty-seven books featuring Sydney private detective Cliff Hardy, as well as the espionage, comic and historic novels The Winning Side, The Gulliver Fortune, Naismith's Dominion, The Brothers Craft, Wimmera Gold, The Journal of Fletcher Christian, Wishart's Quest and The Colonial Queen. His non-fiction includes Lords of the Ring: A History of Prize-fighting in Australia and the collaborative Fred Hollows: An Autobiography.

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Peter Corris


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