The Name's Gaunt, Guy Gaunt


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Release date 2016-07-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925333206

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Guy Gaunt belongs to the secret life of the 20th Century. Only now can it be seen how his influence on American affairs helped change the course of history. When the Great War began he was the British naval attaché in Washington, beached for recklessness at sea. On his own initiative he took over a nation-wide underground of Little People, former subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that the powerful German-American establishment in the US relied upon for support. Every move Germany made to prevent America from supporting the Allies was thwarted, thanks to Guy and his network. His revelations about German activities nudged President Woodrow Wilson away from neutrality. Rather than hail his achievements, however, the Foreign Office marked Guy as a troublemaker and took a cruel revenge.  A ripper of a story!

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Anthony Delano


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