The Making of Women: A History of Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School


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Release date 2005-01-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 174097123

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Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Victoria’s only selective state high school for girls, began as the Melbourne Continuation School in 1905. Often a thorn in the side of the bureaucracy, refusing to go away, the school rose above insecurity to offer girls education, life choices and a place where they could express themselves. It is a history worth telling, and in telling it Pauline Parker breaks with convention and uses the voices of former students to comment on school life, on being a young woman, on success and failure and what Mac.Rob has meant to them. The Making of Women also tells the stories of the women who have led the school, since their visions, and the pressures they faced, informed the girls’ experiences. It is hoped that readers will see something of themselves as schoolgirls in these memories, and be reminded that being a Mc.Robbian is indeed something to be proud of.

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Pauline F. Parker


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