Spiritual Journeying: The Art of Tim Johnson


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Release date 02-2020
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925984033
ISBN10 1925984036

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As a young Australian artist, Tim Johnson sought to look beyond the world he knew and was familiar with into mysteries that naturally come with things foreign. He wanted to explore what it was like to exist beyond the margins of his known world and to reach into alternative spaces that interested him. This book documents his spiritual journeying and creative explorations. In 1980, Johnson’s encounter with Aboriginal artists in the deserts of central Australia revolutionised his entire approach to art and life. In 1982, when he learned of the existence of the ancient medieval Buddhist cave temples of Mogao at Dunhuang in Western China, the experience also set his imagination aflame. The caves were an inspirational oasis of spirituality on the Silk Road and another powerful artistic expression in desert country. These two spiritual and artistic traditions inspired the path Johnson was to take over the next four decades. Over time his work expanded to include references to Japanese, Tibetan, Native American and a range of other sources and influences. Today, as a veteran artist, he has created an imagined universe abundantly informed by influences and ideas.

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