Snarls from the Tea Tree: Big Cat Folklore


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Release date 2012-11-15
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875830

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‘Oh this tiger was seen all right, grinning,

yellow and gleaming with satin stripes:

Its body arched and undulated through the tea-tree…’

Max Harris, ‘The Tantanoola Tiger’


Fantasy or fact, truly believed or doubted or manufactured, big cat scares have for generations haunted south-eastern Australia. The notion that a big cat has escaped and is at loose, or that the thylacine survives, is exciting and we may wish it to be true; it seems just possible. An ancient landscape of crags and lava cones and endless forbidding bush plays with the mind and is a dramatic backdrop for folklore. Stories of stock kills and claims of paw-prints have some kind of foundation; rumours of ‘beast’ attacks feed a persistent mythology …

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David Waldron

Simon Townsend


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