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Release date 2013-01-23
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875816

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‘Although I didn’t know it, this was the night they killed him. I didn’t know who they were then, didn’t know the devastation they would bring us. Didn’t realise the delicate balance of our marriage was such a fragile thing …’

Duncan McKinlay is a civilised man whose talent is his affinity with horses. He breeds thoroughbreds while living with Giselle and their daughter in the pretty farming country of Ontario. He loves Giselle but their marriage is drifting and his business is precarious. When the horse he has imported from France to change his fortunes is ritually slaughtered, the police suspect that he faked the crime. He knows that his family is in mortal danger. He has to find the killers. In hunting them down, his marriage falters and he is forced to rely on intelligence and courage to stave off certain death in the wilds of Canada …

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Donald McMaster


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