Poems of Old Age


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Release date 2010-12-08
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921509834

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David Pitt's poems capture many everyday moments: the touch of lovers' hands, the landscape view from a train window, the simple joys of boyhood. Yet, they also reflect on some of life's darker moments, such as death and war. These simple, melodic poems are imbued with a subtle melancholy that mirrors the bitter-sweet nature of life. Inspired by personal experiences and reflecting many moments that have shaped the twentieth century, this collection provides glimpses into some of the more intimate moments of Pitt's life, but also into many aspects of the nature of Australian society.

'This poet is by instinct and by practice a commander of modest endeavours, but he can for all that help us to recast our expectations of poetry.' — Peter Steele, S.J.

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David Pitt


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