Paul Stenhouse: A Distinctive and Distinguished Missionary of the Sacred Heart


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Release date 09-2020
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922454034
ISBN10 1922454036

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The photos on the cover of this tribute to Paul Stenhouse MSC show the enthusiastic young priest, aged 27, his life in ministry before him, then the veteran older priest, aged 83, living with illness but over half a century of generous outreach achieved.

When Paul died in November 2019, many friends and associates attended his Requiem Mass. Tributes were paid to him at his vigil and during the Mass. They came from a wide range of people: MSC confreres and associates, family, Annals‘ readers, communities that he had become friends with, Asian, Chinese, Lebanese, the many journalists he had come to know, especially those contributing to Annals, those linked with his Semitic studies and expertise.

It seemed a worthwhile idea to invite these confreres, relatives, friends and collaborators, to write something of their memories of Paul, what they had shared with him and he with them.

This book is a memorial and a tribute.

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Peter Malone