On Bondi Beach


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Release date 2013-10-20
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925984385
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On Bondi Beach tells the story of a day in Bondi by allowing residents and visitors to tell their stories.  The beach changes as the day passes.  Different people arrive and leave, and as their lives and stories intersect, those being talked about become those who are talking.  This is a book about living in a particular place, but it is also about contemporary Australia, flourishing in transience and diversity. 

‘… I love to see this extraordinary beach democracy where we are all pretty much stripped down: no matter how much jewellery and stuff and sunglasses you might have on, basically we are all bodies on the sand.  I don’t know how many other places would get that.’ (Murray, retiree, swimmer)

The authors have worked together in the School of Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales. Ann and Andrew have written four books collaboratively: Passionate sociology; The mystery of everyday life; The first year experience; and Teachers who change lives. Demelza has recently completed a PhD on religious elements in secular life.

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Andrew Metcalfe

Ann Game

Demelza Marlin


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