Making A Home: A History of Castlemaine


A history of Castlemaine and its inhabitants from the 1850s gold rush.

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Release date 2014-07-28
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003406
ISBN10 192500340X

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People came to Castlemaine in great numbers from the 1850s in search of the world-renowned gold of Forest Creek.

Fewer fortunes were made than hopes were dashed, yet the town did become home for many of these adventurers.

Once again Castlemaine is attracting people. This time the move is generally away from expensive, fast-paced Melbourne to a vibrant country town.

This is the story of what happened to those earlier people, of the homelessness that they brought with them from far away, and yet of how some managed to make a home.

It is about a particular place and time, and it is also the quintessential Australian settlement story.


Heather’s book received a commendation at the Victorian Community History Awards 2015 in the category of History Publication.

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Heather Holst


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