J.A. Lyons — The Tame Tasmanian Appeasement and rearmament in Australia 1932–39


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Release date 2008-08-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781740971577

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The Tame Tasmanian examines the neglected career of Australian prime minister Joseph Lyons and his quest for peace, set in the turbulent 1930s. But Lyons was not just a peacemaker — he also accepted the need for rearmament and presided over five such programs up until 1939, which is itself a striking tale of technical innovation and resource management. Although peace eluded him, Lyons left the nation well prepared for dangerous times.
This is a compelling account of one man's struggle for the security of his country.

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David Bird

Dr David Bird is an independent historian based in Melbourne. Educated at the universities of Tasmania and Melbourne, he has extensively researched and written about twentieth-century Australian history, utilising archival collections throughout Australia and the UK. Nazi Dreamtime is his second major work on the period between the wars.


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