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Release date 09-2021
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669193
ISBN10 1922669199

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When Alkira Buti was born in 1993 her parents knew little about cri du chat syndrome other than it was a chromosomal abnormality that would render their daughter ‘disabled’. As they searched to understand more about the syndrome and the likely future for their daughter, they learned more about the social treatment of, and attitudes towards, children with disabilities.
In Alkira, Antonio Buti tells the story of his daughter’s struggle to reach developmental milestones and ‘fit in’; with care and compassion he describes what makes Alkira so unique. It is a story of resilience, determination, heartache and triumph for Alkira and her parents. It is also a love story between mother and daughter, and father and daughter.
Alkira combines memoir and intellectual inquiry to debate those who query the value of a life lived with disabilities. This book challenges all of us to rethink how we approach disability to move toward a more just and inclusive society for all.

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