What We Do Next Really Matters


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Release date 03-2022
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669209
ISBN10 1922669202

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The choices we make over the next few years will resonate for decades, and perhaps centuries. This is because our world is at a critical turning point in history, as old certainties are swept aside by a global pandemic, climate change and political upheaval. How we respond to these challenges will determine whether we usher in a new Age of Enlightenment, or a second Dark Ages.
In this compelling book Mark Roeder makes sense of our predicament, and explains why we must reconsider some of our most fundamental beliefs. Our current path is not sustainable – socially, environmentally or economically. We are literally devouring our planet, and our communities are becoming more polarised and fearful of the future.
The time has come for us to make some bold changes to the way we live. This book explains what these changes should be, and how to implement them.

Praise for Mark Roeder’s other books:

‘Roeder offers a thoughtful, contemplative treatise told with wit and wisdom.’—Publisher’s Weekly on Unnatural Selection

‘From start to finish, it’s an entertaining read.’—Richard Evans on The Big Mo in Financial Times

‘Roeder’s book is a revelation. In our personal, political and economic lives we seem to be swept along by circumstances. Our attempts to change direction are doomed. The Big Mo explains why. It is a fascinating read.’—Phillip Adams, broadcaster, writer and film producer.

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