Against the Odds: Poverty in Addis Ababa


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Release date 2014-05-09
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003543
ISBN10 192500354X

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Klaus Serr, Associate Professor of Sociology at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, explores the conditions facing some of the world's most deprived people – the poor in Ethiopia.

This book offers a vision of humanity in a world that is too often unfair; it deepens our understanding of the poverty crisis affecting many Ethiopians and can assist our efforts to overcome the scourge of poverty … and to reach towards a better future for the poor in Addis Ababa and elsewhere.

– Abune Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel CM, Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


This book reflects a strong social work approach to poverty. It pulls together the many streams of analysis and practice needed to address poverty in a multi-facetted way. It is highly relevant to working with poverty not just in Addis Ababa, but on a global scale. It is a necessary inclusion in any social work program.

– Professor Jan Fook, Kingston University and St Georges, University of London, England


While Ethiopia’s poor are frequently subjected to the Western gaze, they are rarely given the opportunity to speak to their situation. This book challenges the reader by giving voice to the voiceless, and questions assumed knowledge about the causes of and solutions to their poverty.

– Professor Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia

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Klaus Serr


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