Where Did Fair Go? On the Social and Moral Cost of Growing Inequality


John Wright examines the social and moral cost of growing inequality in Australia, and how it affects health, justice and democracy.

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Release date 2014-12-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003130
ISBN10 1925003132

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We like to think of ourselves as the land of the fair go. The reality is that Australia is now one of the most economically unequal of all developed countries. Where Did Fair Go? looks at what has brought about this remarkable change but it also does more than just examine what is causing our increasing inequality.

In a society in which almost everyone can afford a car, a computer and a flat screen TV, does inequality still matter? Does it matter that some are fabulously wealthy if almost all are reasonably well off? Where Did Fair Go? argues that it does still matter. Inequality in a society has effects on health. In many respects in runs contrary to principles of justice. But perhaps most significant of all it its effect on democracy. Great wealth brings with it a power of being heard in public discussion not available to the average member of society. Wealth gives power that has not been democratically conferred. A degree of equality in society in necessary for the health of democracy.

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John Wright


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