Video Void: Australian Video Art


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Release date 2014-11-28
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003796
ISBN10 1925003698
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“All of us who are interested in the aesthetic, cultural, historical and technological complexities of our video art, past and present, and who have our eyes and ears directed to liminal horizons of creative possibilities, will gratefully receive this book and value it for years to come.”

     From the Foreword by John Conomos

This timely and vibrantly illustrated anthology traces the progression of video art in Australia through essays from: Matthew Perkins Australian Video Art: An Incomplete History / Matthew Perkins, Elena Galimberti and Anne Marsh Contextualising Early Australian Video Art / Stephen Jones Video in the 1970s: The Decade Before the Digital / Jacqueline Millner Australian Video Art in the 1980s / Darren Tofts ‘As Yet Unwritten’ / Daniel Palmer Australian Video Art since 2000 / Anne Marsh Relations: Video/Performance/Document

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Anne Marsh

Elena Galimberti

Matthew Perkins

Stephen Jones


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