The Many Aspects of Market Integrity


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Release date 2011-02-09
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921875038

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Market integrity is essential for the proper and efficient functioning of securities markets—it enables investors to transact in a fair and informed manner, with certainty that prices of securities reflect available information.

The absence of market integrity is a significant threat to securities markets, with the potential to greatly reduce investor confidence and, as a result, participation.

In recent times, legislators, regulators, law reform bodies and market participants have focused on the impact on market integrity of a number of key practices—most significantly, the relationship between market integrity and directors’ margin loans,m securities trading during black-out periods, rumour-mongering and private analysts’ briefings have been the subject of debate and review.

This book brings together a number of experts to explore a variety of topics relating to market integrity relevant to the present debate—including rumour-mongering, regulatory mechanisms, remedies for investors, insider trading, short selling and continuous disclosure.

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Juliette Overland


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