The Lakewoman


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Release date 2009-09-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921509346

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A moving love story that is also a deeply absorbing poetic meditation on the moral journey of a solitary man. A brilliant achievement.
Alex Miller

An Australian soldier in British service parachutes into the roaring embattled skies of the night before D-Day, and lands in a vast lake of flooded fields. His encounter with a mysterious woman who seems to rule that water world deflects him from the war and from all the promise his life had seemed to hold. This is a strange and compelling novel.
Les Murray

The Lakewoman┬áhas been shortlisted for the fiction category of the 2010 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, the 2010 ACT Book of the Year Award, and the 2009 Colin Roderick Award!

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Alan Gould


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