The Fortunes of Richard Mahony: Part III – Ultima Thule


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Release date 10-2007
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669162
ISBN10 1922669164

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The Fortunes of Richard Mahony reflects the foundational years of Victoria through the restless, eventually harrowing narrative of the Mahony family, and centrally through the life of Richard Mahony, voyager, questor, idealist. This is the first time anywhere that all three novels have been published complete, simultaneously and accurately. The cuts that Richardson was obliged to make for the 1930 single-volume omnibus edition have all been restored from the author’s preferred version. The four chapters of her planned continuation — bringing the narrative up to the time of Gallipoli — are included. This unique edition includes notes and source material.

‘To speak of Ultima Thule I can find no adequate words. Since the death of David Copperfield’s mother, since the end of “Richard Feverel”, I have read nothing so moving. I have come on nothing like Ultima Thule in my eleven years of book reviewing, and hardly, I think, its equal’ – Sylvia Lynd, Time and Tide, 25 January 1921

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Bruce Steele

Clive Probyn


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