Spider Stories: My Journey from Phobia to Fascination


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Release date 10-2022
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669391
ISBN10 1922669393

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This is a book about spiders and arachnophobia. With a touch of humour, deep curiosity and an artist’s eye the author examines her phobia and the object of her fear. What is a spider? What makes these eight-legged creatures so scary? To understand her own reactions to spiders better she describes her past and present encounters with them. The story takes her back to her childhood in Norway and the USA, to holidays in Spain and Portugal, to travels around Australia, and to her relocation in Tasmania. She focuses on Australian spiders while including fine examples of these astonishing creatures from elsewhere.

Hildegunn Hodne, originally from Norway, now calls Tasmania home. She works as a freelance illustrator, writer and portrait artist with studio space in the small village of Chudleigh, Northern Tasmania. To ensure she continues to encounter spiders and local wildlife she also works as a gardener. Spider Stories: My Journey from Phobia to Fascination is her first book. She’s currently working on a new book project, focusing on birds and travels.

For more examples of Hildegunn’s artwork please visit her website: hildegunnhodne.com

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Hildegunn Hodne

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