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Release date 2007-11-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781740971805

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Buckle up. Prepare to fly down night's highways. You're taking off in a V8 Holden Torana. Windows down. Wind in your hair. You hang with petrol heads.

There are no laws worth knowing.

'Sam': she's eighteen and beautiful and has never taken the world too seriously.  Days are about sweating it out in a bakery. Nights are spent hooning with Nick. Sitting in the passenger seat of his muscle car, looking hotter than the next bloke's chick, and forgetting the jobs they hate, the parents who fight, the suburbs where life passes them by.

But the tribe is growing older and Sydney is getting tougher. Street violence, rumours of riots, communities divided. And Sam's not as immune as she'd like to think.

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Matthew Schreuder


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