Ginger in Australian Food and Medicine


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Release date 2014-01-30
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925003178
ISBN10 1925003175

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Ginger, one of the oldest, most popular and versatile of spices

This book traces the history of ginger, focusing on ginger growing and the use of ginger in Australian food and medicine from 1788 to the mid-twentieth century. The story is set in the context of ginger’s long history in China and India, ancient Greece and Rome, and Britain.

Ginger was grown in the first garden in Sydney in 1788. As settlements were established further north, the spice thrived, and large quantities were also imported to meet ever-increasing demand.

Including recipes and historical anecdotes with detail from specialist sources, Ginger in Australian Food and Medicine is for a wide readership.

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Leonie A. Ryder


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