Eggs for Keeps: Poetry Reviews and Other Praise


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Release date 08-2022
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669360
ISBN10 1922669369

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Eggs For Keeps picks up where the selected essays left off. It features short reviews, of poetry mainly, collected over thirty years, including the decade Hill was Poetry Editor for the Australian – responses to books by Paul Kane, Ian Wedde, Les Murray, Judith Beveridge, Robert Adamson, Seamus Heaney, Carol Anne Duffy, Gary Snyder, DH Lawrence, Kim Mahood, Martin Harrison, Tracy Ryan, Paul Muldoon, Ezra Pound … It contains prize-winning citations for David Malouf, Helen Garner and Paul Carter; and it attends to the monumental translation work of Burton Watson, Ian Johnston, Meredith McKinney and David Hinton. The book closes with Hill’s diary in Chamonix, where he was writing in the presence of Mont Blanc, the mountain which held Shelley in thrall.

Eggs For Keeps has gifts all round for mind-heart on the poetry path.

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Barry Hill

Barry Hill has worked as a journalist and psychologist in Melbourne and London. He has been writing full-time since 1976 and is the author of many works in several genres, including a libretto performed in ‘The Studio’ at the Sydney Opera House in 2004. His short fiction has been widely anthologized and translated into Japanese and Chinese, and he has won national awards for poetry, non-fiction and the essay. He is a former Poetry Editor of The Australian and a Post-Doctoral Fellow from the University of Melbourne. The essays, Reason and Lovelessness, is his most recent book. He lives on the coast in southern Australia, looking out across the sea towards Tasmania and the Antarctic. His next book will be called The Tao on Cloudy Bay, a poetic interpretation of Chuang Tzu. He is married to the singer/songwriter Rose Bygrave.

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