Dementia is Different: Not just another ordinary illness


The conventional way that dementia is evaluated and managed is one-dimensional and outdated. We are fixated on identifying a cause, when we should be identifying the consequences. We use tests when we should be seeing and talking to people. Drawing from his long career in geriatric medicine, Dr Ludomyr Mykyta critiques the state of dementia treatment and care in Australia, highlighting the discrimination faced by our ageing residents.

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Release date 07-2018
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ISBN 9781925801248
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People suffering from dementia need continued high-quality health care from diagnosis until the end of life. Stable relationships and wellness are the prerequisites for quality of life. In countries like ours, this is the era of chronic illness of which dementia is the epitome. The seeming epidemic of dementia comes with the ageing of the population, which was predictable for generations and for which successive governments failed to prepare. What now passes for aged care in Australia is a travesty where the glowing reform rhetoric obfuscates the grim reality.

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Ludomyr Mykyta


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