Carol Raye: Funny Business


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Release date 11-2023
Format Paperback
Pages 342
ISBN 9781922952653
ISBN10 1922952656
Width (mm) 152
Length (mm) 229

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She is a 16 year old Miss Kathleen Corkrey, who is studying hard for a stage career. If her ingenuous charm and natural vivacity does not disappear with sophistication she should go far.
Portsmouth Evening News, 1938

I think I’ve discovered a future star in Carol Raye, who sings and dances just about as well as any leading lady we have on the musical comedy stage.
—Writer and producer, Stanley Lupino, 1939

Anyone who watched Carol on TV will always remember her as gorgeous, classy and witty. But she was equally successful working as a female executive behind the scenes, in an era when few women were allowed to do so … her body of work will always endure.
—TV and film historian, Andrew Mercado

In terms of political satire in Australia, The Wharf Revue must surely be the love child of Phillip Street and Mavis Bramston.
—Jonathon Biggins


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John Senczuk

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