C.R. Long: Victorian Educationist 1860–1944


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In 1878 a District inspector asserted that “Chas Long, owing to a weakness of sight which is inherent, will not make a successful teacher”. He later added that “it would be a mistake to allow C. Long to become a teacher”. This was not an audacious beginning for a career in teaching.

Charles Long was born with albinism and suffered from poor eyesight. He went on to confound his critics with high academic results in teacher-training certificates and a Master of Arts degree. With persistence and creative determination his career ranged from head teacher, teachers’ college lecturer, school inspector to the new position of Editor of Victorian Education Department publications including the highly successful School Paper, Education Gazette and the well-known Victorian Readers.

This largely ignored Victorian educationist was a close confidante and friend of the widely acclaimed Frank Tate, who was appointed as the Director of Education in 1902.

 “I have read the text with great interest. It’s wonderfully written, and the fact that the author has put each period of Long’s life and work in such clear and crisp context makes the whole work eminently readable and sustains interest throughout. It is definitely worth being an enduring publication.”

—Prof Kwong Lee Dow

“Superb research and well written. A joy to read. A history of Victorian Education too. Congratulations on an excellent book on such an important neglected figure.”

—Dr Alan Gregory




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