Australians with Serbs in World War One


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Release date 08-2023
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669568
ISBN10 1922669563

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‘This book is, in one sense, a tribute and a Memorial to those who served in that most tragic conflict. The book comprises sketches, lithographs and posters, watercolour and oil paintings, and artefacts from the Serbian Campaign. They capture a fleeting essence of that time and place. A century later, we can view them with interest and dispassion, but we can perhaps pause and reflect that these glimpses were part of the life of Australians who responded to the challenge of those awful times. The soldiers and civilians who served experienced courage yet fears, exhilaration yet pain, triumphant moments yet ones of profound depression and feelings of adventure yet of helplessness.

We commend this book to you. Its message is one of record that the service of those who served may not be forgotten; and that an honourable peace must never be taken for granted.’

Major General Professor John Pearn AO RFD MD,
Former Surgeon-General of the Australian Defence Force

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Bojan Pajic

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