Anzac Legacies — Australians and the Aftermath of War


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Release date 2010-04-15
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781921509780

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What happens when wars end and the fighting men and women return? Anzac Legacies explores the difficulties that returning soldiers have faced – from the ‘broken’ Anzacs of 1914–18 to service personnel recently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. It traces the physical and mental cost of war and considers how veterans, governments and families have responded to the significant emotional, social and financial demands on them.

Featuring the work of leading historians and Australian Defence Force psychologists, this book offers new perspectives on how Australians have lived with, and continue to live with, the legacies of war. Importantly, it demonstrates how the wars of the last century have had an enduring impact on generations of Australians well beyond the end of battlefield conflict.

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Marina Larsson

Martin Crotty


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