Alternative Medicine: A New Regulatory Model


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Release date 2005-01-01
Format Paperback
ISBN 1740970829

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The rapidly burgeoning market in complementary and alternative medical services and medicines reflects the strong demand by consumers for this type of health care. Currently the choices made by consumers of Complementary and Alternative Medicine CAM are not adequately protected. This book argues for a more enlightened regulatory structure that, while acknowledging the vital role played by orthodox medicine, recognises the contribution of complementary and alternative medicine in healthcare. The author reviews the current structure of health care in Australia and analyses the historical reasons behind the lack of comprehensive regulation of CAM. He canvasses the specific legal and ethical issues that arise in the practice of CAM and suggests a new model for its regulation. Models in the USA, Canada and England are referred to in an assessment of what is the preferred model of regulation for this important health care industry.


Michael Weir has had broad experience as a solicitor in private legal practice. In his academic career, he has published extensively on Land Law and Planning Law, and has a research interest in Medicine and the Law. Professor Weir is currently Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty of Bond University.

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Michael Weir


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