All the Hours


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Release date 08-2022
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922669797
ISBN10 1922669792

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ALL THE HOURS is a play in the form of a monologue by a nun with a Greek chorus of four psalm-chanting nuns, ending with a brief passage of dialogue. The scene is a convent cell over a single day sometime towards the end of the 20th century. ‘The Liturgy of the Hours’, which regulates the life of a Cistercian abbey gives the play its structure. The nun, who has been many years in the abbey, has been confined to her cell for a serious breach of The Rule. The drama unfolds in pared back, mischievous and emotive language in a profound examination of the fragility of religious belief, the difficulties of grafting the supernatural onto the natural, and the very idea of a religious vocation.

William Lyons’ autobiographical memoir about his onetime intimate relationship with a religious way of life serves as the introduction to the play.

La Mama Theatre Premiere, Carlton, 17 September – 2 October

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William Lyons

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