What Are They Thinking? Conversations With Australian Philosophers


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Release date 05-2023
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922952745
ISBN10 1922952745

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This book invites ten philosophers to share their thoughts. What indeed are they thinking?

In this collection of conversations Daniel Nellor meets philosophers working in universities across Australia today. They discuss the nature of philosophy and why it’s valuable, and dig deep into some of the big questions on their minds. Logic, morality and the nature of time; technology, the mind, the environment and the economy: this book is a glimpse into the world of some of Australia’s leading thinkers as they wrestle with the most important questions we can ask. What Are They Thinking? is for anyone who would like to know more about philosophy from the people who practice it.

Daniel Nellor is a Melbourne writer who has worked in politics, academia and the social welfare sector. He has a PhD in philosophy and is also a playwright.

The Philosophers—
Daniel Halliday
Margaret Cameron
Greg Restall
Christopher Cordner
Kristie Miller
Bronwyn Finnigan
Moira Gatens
Seth Lazar
Dalia Nassar
Peter Singer

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Daniel Nellor

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