So You Want to be a Doctor? A Guide for Prospective and Current Medical Students in Australia


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Release date 04-2020
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925984767
ISBN10 1925984767

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This book is the sole detailed single source of information about studying to become a doctor in Australia. This new edition again provides answers to every question that a prospective medical student may ask, including:
• Where are Australia’s medical schools located? Which ones should I consider?
• What makes a good doctor and how can I know that I will be suited to this career?
• What are the entry requirements for each medical course?
• What might be difficult for me as a medical student?
• What is the intern year and what happens after that?
• What career paths are open to medical graduates?
• How can I best manage the stresses of medical student and medical graduate life?

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Kerry Breen

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