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Release date 08-2023
Format Paperback
Pages 138
ISBN 9781922952981
ISBN10 1922952982
Width (mm) 135
Length (mm) 205

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An Armenian Modern Classic in an English translation—

War is the greatest evil to afflict humankind and it changes everything. Love is the greatest good and it turns everything upside down. War and love bear flags of the same colour – Red. And when people hold these flags aloft, they are overcome by their instincts to live and advance. Hovik Afyan tells the story of ordinary people who fight a never-ending battle. Confident that the two main things people do in their lives are to fight and love, he dedicates this novel to those who paint and dance during a war. And wars never really end, whether they take place on a country’s borders, at home, or within a human being.

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205 mm x 135 mm

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Hovik Afyan

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