A Crying Sort of Happiness


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Release date 04-2024
Format Paperback
Pages 338
ISBN 9781923068612
ISBN10 192306861X
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Length (mm) 229

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‘Sometimes when I am working in the kitchen garden I see your face so clearly and your eyes especially and I put my hand out and say ‘Jean’ and then you disappear and I’m left wondering where you are and whether it is the sunshine or the clouds that keep you so silent and far away from me.’
From one of Sunday Reed’s letters to Jean Langley.

These days the Heide Museum of Modern Art is a popular place to visit, but in 1969 it was home to John and Sunday Reed who were close friends of my parents, John Sinclair and Jean Langley. In February of that year, Jean escaped her difficult marriage and went to live in London, taking my younger sister and me with her. We returned to Australia in 1970 when I was fifteen. This book tells of two parallel lives. My mother’s story is told mainly through her highly emotional letters to Sunday, and I write of my experiences as I struggled with the awkward transition from child to teenager, while living in Swinging London.
Jane Sinclair

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Jane Sinclair