Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd was established in 1991. 

It has two main imprints – ASP Australian Scholarly Publishing and Arcadia general non-fiction & fiction including the Press On series. 

Australian Scholarly Publishing also has a national sales & distribution arm, Australian Book Marketing, which represents Australian Scholarly and overseas publishers to the book trade, special interest groups, schools and libraries.

If you wish to submit a proposal for a book, please call or email Nick Walker to discuss the proposal, or post a synopsis and sample chapters, or the entire manuscript of the work, to our postal address. Be sure to include your telephone number or email address and a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Amongst our new titles:


  Fighting Monsters: An Intimate History of the Sandakan Tragedy
Only 6 escapees survived the Sandakan death marches of 1945 in North Borneo, the worst atrocity ever inflicted on Australian soldiers. One survivor, Richard Braithwaite’s father, died in 1986, still wanting the story to be properly told.

Dymphna Lodewyckz was a brilliant linguist who easily won prizes and scholarships but cannot be said to have pursued a career; instead, she married Manning Clark, the great Australian historian.

The Beerburrum Experiment: A History of Australia's First World War One Soldier Settlement
When Queensland opened up a large area of land at Beerburrum, just north of Brisbane, to settle military veterans in July 1916, it was an experiment in rural development to have unfortunate results.
Guy Gaunt: The boy from Ballarat who led America into the Great War
Guy Gaunt built a career by playing outside the rules. He dodged his way up the ranks of the Royal Navy, married for money, snatched up a country estate, won a seat in Parliament and faked his disappearance to run off with the wife of the King’s doctor. His infiltration of America’s leadership changed the course of history.
Restless Sojourner in France
During her sojourns in France, author Florence James discovered a culture that stimulated her intellectually and reinforced her home-grown ideologies. Her literary career blossomed there, gaining international recognition.
The Chalkies: Educating an Army for Independence
Between 1966 and 1973, while Australian troops were fighting in Vietnam, some 300 conscripted teachers were quietly posted to Papua New Guinea. Colloquially known as ‘Chalkies’, their task was to raise the educational level of troops.




Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon & Henry Kendall by Michael Wilding 


ISBN: 9781925003802 · Format: Paperback · 39.95